Guild Wars. Reactions from General Bamf

xbamfx Member Posts: 1,421
It’s been a long time since I’ve graced these forum halls, what brought me back finally to the forums will follow in words below.

First and foremost I want to say bravo 👏 to NG and creating Guild Wars game mode. For me personally it was the most intense and engaged I’ve been with this game since Nation Wars!

It did start off kind of bumpy which was expected considering how many players would be engaging at the same time. My first 2 keys on day 1 were bugged out and really frustrating and my hopes were dwindling fast.

The next battle went off with my fellow guild mates and I was on the sidelines but heard positive feedback from those playing so that picked up my spirit. The very next war started and I was in with a full team and what followed was the most intense and fast paced I’ve played this game! Wow! It was so much fun.

The following day resulted in similar results with more and more excitement! I was hooked and so were many others with me. Other members of my guild were growing with excitement and scratching at the itch for the next battle.

With that being said you guys did a wonderful job with this update and game mode however it is not perfect just yet. If you could please adjust guild war gas just a bit? It was really hard to play the entire time because many players were depleted on gas. Is it possible for you guys to consider a booster similar to the 24 hour? @Kaz Or maybe allow some extra GW gas in other game modes? That is the main concern for us and would really make this experience phenomenal!!! Thank you guys for making this past weekend one to remember! Respect. Thank you from Team AoS.