GW gas as reward at Outpost

TCBRITO Member Posts: 308 ✭✭✭✭✭
The outpost is half dead in the game, most leave at 5000 points of influence and no longer attacks there, but then I thought in addition to winning the TG boxes, if we could win the gas GW there too, would surely leverage this modality in the game.

The wars are every 15 days, and the arches of the outpost are also, perhaps it could have a gas subsidy GW staged with the level they achieve in the arch of the outpost.


Silver Series + 1000 = 5 GW gas
Gold Series3 + 2000 = 10 GW gas
Gold Series2 + 3000 = 15 GW gas
Gold Series1 + 4000 = 20 GW gas
Platinum Series3 + 5000 = 25 GW gas
Platinum Series2 + 6000 = 30 GW gas
Platinum Series1 + 7000 = 35 GW gas
Master Series + 8000 = 50 GW gas

That was going to give the Outpost a new life. But keep gaining gas in the distance and the challenge as well.

Another idea is to be able to buy gas GW with gold when the gas runs out at the time of the battle, type 10 gold = 1 gas, they were sure to spend a lot of gold, and maybe increase the profit of NG in the sale of gold packets.