Fuel is still broken

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@Kaz Fuel economy hasn’t improved at all....
Last war I started with 20 gas, earned 20 more by doing the distance twice, bought 20 in the guild shop, bought 3 twenty can boosters and used all 6 keys ( so a refund of 5 cans per key). So 20+20+20+60+30 =150. I started this week with 6 cans so I used 144 cans. And please correct me if I’m wrong.....
I ran the distance twice today so I now have 26 cans, will do the distance twice Saturday so there is 20 more. The economy is exactly the same. Only difference is I won’t be buying 3 twenty can boosters at $10 a pop this go round and am encouraging my guilds to do the same. Didn’t want to believe it was a P2P mode, but sure looking that way.
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    You spent $30 on GW? LMAO. Must have money to blow. I'd sooner take that $ and wipe my ass with it than use it on GW. At least I'd save on the cost of a few squares of toilet paper that way.
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    Yes, new game mode, everyone was excited, several people in my guild did the same and we all thought NG would have a fix before the second war. Now we can see there is no fix. I already had one player leave because of the cost associated with GW and I don’t want to lose any more. I’ve made it clear that I am not purchasing gas for this war and I don’t want anyone to feel like they need to.
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    The amounts available in the challenge are a joke.