This dynasty will not fall

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@Kaz I’ve played this game since the start, and I’ve seen many of my guild leaders @ant @Artisans, Cali, CnC, @Narnia, Rino @CrazyD fall from the ranks because of things in this game. @jester is the latest to drop....and when I look at the forum these days I no longer see @Movado @Guapo @DLich @WeekOne @SlickRick @Pig @Terminates and many others, hell @capibara is nearly silent and @zbot is rarely putting people in jail any more! Lol
Something still isn’t quite right, Don’t get me wrong we have come a long way. Asylum will not fall and the forum with continue in some way shape or form but these are a fraction of the long time players, the people I grew up in this game with, just flat out leaving. Many left before GW, but people are still leaving because of GW and the jacked up economy. This was the best game mode released in this game in a long long time......There has to be a happy medium somewhere.
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    Silent? Not very "talkative" but i can be flibbertigibbetting squeaking... :p

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    @DLH I support this.

    Challenge + The Distance + Guild Wars makes the game a VERY demanding job.

    And if someone comes with the argument "no one is being forced to play", I think the issue isn't being understood properly.
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    Let's say we are in the perfect world of gaming, where a game is made that suits with it's gameplay and features that's perfect to everybody and there's no single bad part to it.

    Being in that world which is impossible (but let's assume so for a second that it is) there is no way that this kind of game will keep everybody playing forever. We are human kind and we get bored with everything, sooner or later, that's what it is. No matter how good it was.

    Let's also assume than everybody could max out with challenge, distance, outpost, guild wars or anything else in one day or 2 and get maximum possible rewards in those days. What would happen then? There would be no feeling of actual achievement for the efforts which would make game die real quick.
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    LOL, I’m still around and active! The forum has been drama free and upbeat due to @Kaz ‘s effort and everyone else being positive so there’s really no need for forum jail (it may change but I like where the forum is at the moment, I wrote this up yesterday so it does not include the drama from today).

    As for GW, my guild and I are having a blast and looking forward to this weekend. Like everything in this game, GW is about using GW gas efficiently. The keys are the red herring, yes you can play GW 6 times but do you really have the gas for it?


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    Let's do this! I'm going out in a blaze of glory!