The Conflict between Distance and Guild War

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I suggest to move the Saturday Distance to Friday because it is too anxious to face Distance and Guild War at the same time.
Friday we can complete the Distance and earn the red fuel calmly. But on Saturday we have to rush the Distance for red fuel. It will affect the result of Distance. And another important thing: we have to exchange the best equipments from defensive survivors to fight in Distance, but when we play Distance, our defense team will lose their equipment and easy to be defeated. So I hope NG can think about it.


  • TJS
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    I prefer The Distance to stay Tuesday's & Saturday's.

    That's my preference anyway.
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    Or they can let it run 48 hours Friday-Sat
  • Jaden
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    And let us earn the red gas in the week without the GW weekend. So next week for the war in 2 weeks. @Kaz
    Is that something you could look into.

    It's really very stressful, especially if you also still haven't finished challenge and want to reset Distance.

    48h Distance on GW weekend sounds great, too.

    Wouldn't want the great new game mode to burn out players, right. ;)
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  • PigBenis
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    Distance should be available as soon as the game refreshes each Mon and the first reset should be free. Completely remove Sat distance and allow players to complete both Distance attempts at their leisure during this week-long period. That will allow players something to do on Mon-Tue, and when their survivors are healing during the Challenge, they can do some Distance missions. Of course, those wanting to save it for Saturday would have that option. I see it as a win-win because players would likely buy gas boosters and do both Distance attempts in one go and some might even do the 2 paid resets as well. Might also see an increase in XP boosters too.

    You guys would be smart to do this and then offer a "Distance Bundle" of 24 hour gas and 2X XP for $2. It might seem like too good of a deal, but I guarantee there will be an increase in gold spent to reset the Distance and more people than normal would buy this bundle.

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  • Jaden
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    I suggested that somewhere, too - make Distance period one week long, one free reset, 2 for gold.

    It would solve a lot of issues but I guess there's a reason behind not doing it like that... (and I have ideas what that reason might be).
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  • Timyun
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    Or we can cancle the Saturday Distance in the Guild War week and give an extra reset to the Tuesday before.
  • Zardox
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    NG needs to change its entire schedule. Why have 3 events running on one day and nothing on Monday. Maybe have the weekly challenge run Monday thru Saturday and Sunday a day of rest. Distance should be an open event twice a week. By open I mean you get 2 entries a week and you can use them any day you want, once started you got 24 hours to complete. Guild wars can stay the same expect give us more chances to earn gas or lower the price.
  • avelardez
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    Say move it to Mondays cut battles to 30 minutes with 4 keys and have battles every hours.
  • Dodkong
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    I don't see how moving GW to a weekday would do anything but kill that game mode, even with the shorter duration. A vast majority of people will work during the week and will not be able to devote a solid block of time to constant playing during the workday, regardless of the length. And it would exacerbate the issue of trying to coordinate enough people online at the same time. If GW goes to the weekdays, I'd totally ignore it.
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