Time zones

There are 18 members in my guild, from all over the globe, so far we've only managed to play 2 battles because of the time zones. Reducing the numbers required to participate in battles would be great, or could 2 guilds play together as one?


  • Kaz
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    Hi! @Woodbury_Hill

    Thanks for the feedback! This is one of the most requested change so far, but we are still discussing the possible solutions and what would be the consequence of this change.

    Here's a list of what we've gathered from players during the first war and the current status of each request:


    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts! :)

  • littleoz
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    So my guild managed to get into one battle last war. We had 7 signed in and 4 of us actually played. This time the best so far has been 6 signed in, despite me kicking half of the members and spending 300 gold this week to recruit new members specifically to get into GW. IF NG will not reduce the minimum number of players they should urgently look at improving the overall guild mechanics and recruitment process. If I cannot set parameters for new guild members to join I fear we will never be able to join the wars on a regular basis.