Missed Guild war while in other missions

This happened to my guild members (and me). By some luck we managed to get enough people to start a guild war, but some of us are busy with the distance (or other stuff) that we completely missed the war and lost. It may be better to add a notification or message to alert us when the war really starts, either on the notification bar or pop up message after the current mission ended.

let the developer know!


  • crambert_nec
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    It starts at the top of every hour, it really doesn't get much easier than that.
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  • potato
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    if i am in game i won't bother to check the time from time to time, especially when rushing the distance, so it can always get much easier than that
  • potato
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    also not every time we will get enough people to participate the war, it will be kind of troublesome if i have to leave other mission menu to check the number of members ready for next war
  • Firekid
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    Yeah I hate having to click back then menu then guild war those damn 3 clicks are so troublesome! :-)
  • Remy80
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    Oh my God!! I have missed so many wars because of no notifications. Everyone is locked in at 6 minutes...why can't a notification go out at that moment?
  • goowa
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    I agree with this, send a notification letting me know that the battle is going to start. Either that or back me out of the next battle if not enough people sign up for the first battle.
  • xbamfx
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    This actually happens? You miss wars when you already know youre signed up? What? How? Do you miss work also.....? Lmao these posts have me dying.... of laughter!
  • potato
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    in a full screen game without time always showing on the top it is easy to miss the time.
    also i dont miss work because that is an important routine, this is just a game and i could be doing 3 things at the same time. something does not happed to you does not imply it does not happen to the others or should not be considered by the developer
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