Absurd amount of mistakes during battle in the guild war

During my first battle today in the guild war, the game presented innumerable errors that hurt not only my personal performance but also my guild.
The first, and one of the worst occurred on the old iron map. The mission aimed to kill the strong zombie and then escape. After killing the walker tank and unlocking the exit the game reconnected and when it returned to normal the exit was blocked, even though there were no more walkers on the map. The only solution was to escape and sacrifice a survivor, in addition to the PVs and PRs won in the match.
After the unnecessary sacrifice of my survivor I got stuck on a screen and once again the game reconnected. When finally the game returned to normal I happened to not be able to access the screen of the guild war.After 5 minutes without access with only the message "wait. Loading guild" I returned to enter the battle with only 6 minutes left for its end.
With the battle ending my score was far below average due to all the problems I faced. The guild lost the battle for a minuscule score difference, which in turn only increased my indignation even more.
Finally I mean that I am very excited about the war Guild, waited eager every day after the ad. But today really felt very frustrated with all that happened! I hope my account can help improve the game and can prevent other players pass for this discomfort!


  • Kaz
    Kaz Member Posts: 1,420
    Sorry to hear about that @Verdao1914 But thanks for describing the problems you had. The first one unfortunately can't be fixed without a game update, but I'll forward to the team to see if there's any workaround we can do for the time being.

    After that it seemed that the game took too much time to load your Social (Guild) Data due to the number of battles we had on our server, also known as the infamous LAG. :(

    Thanks again for the feedback and hopefully we'll manage to address most of the issues reported for the next season.