Gas tg


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    That’s awesome. My shop restocks in 5 minutes. I hope I see that too!
  • Governator
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    I got it about 30 min ago! Yay!!!
  • Jenng
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    Ooooo....... I need that in my life. Real bad. :)

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    I got it too! Thanks for posting @and98!
    And thanks NG!

  • WahooDawg
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    But, it’s for gold, not TG. Isn’t that still basically pay to win?
  • I_Am_Psycho
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    Tara did multiple beach runs with her metal detector earlier. That just about, got me enough gold to reset The Distance. I think I got a better deal there.

    Nice heads up though, for people with gold available.
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  • xbamfx
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    Is this 1 time only or multiple? Is it every restock? Pray to the NG gods they may have found a way to keep us gassed up
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    edited December 2018
    It appears as if this is a one time weekend offer because there is a timer present. The offers disappeared right after I bought them so no multiples per restock for sure.

    Edit to confirm. On my next restock there was not another red gas offer.