Guild war gas

Just my opinion but the amount of free guild war gas given on the day of the wars is a joke!! You get 3 keys you can use a day and get 5 gas and the possible 10 you can pick up from the guild war shop.i personally go through around 25-30 each war on average when I'm goin for it. Then once wars over u get 5 back?? The least you could do is offer the chance to win decent amounts inbetween war weeks in the challenge and distance no just 5 here and there more like 10s and 20s gas on higher difficulty as it gets harder the higher reward.for example when the 1st guild wars finished you didn't even offer chance of winning more war gas until the second week! Lastly I said to a few of my guild team mates it would be good if you could purchase more in the trade shop with the crates you earn, then you go and put some in there but it can't be bought by crates like most things instead you asking for ridiculous amounts of gold for tiny amounts of gas??? Just think this really needs looking at and addressing this new wars concept is really fantastic but the little amounts of free gas you offer spoil it! I know you want to make money and people to spend on the game and trust me I do this anyway when your doing double supplies Monday I always by the 24hr gas but just think regarding the wars you should offer more chances 2 earn more free gas and get rewarded for higher difficulty higher gas rewards.and offering 5 gas at the start of the wars is abit of a joke tbh.
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