What's the point?

Ok....I'll start off by saying I actually enjoyed Guild wars. But in the first week I played all 6 keys....I got 500 guild tokens...there were people in my guild who got 500 per battle. I sent a ticket and as usual I was told it was my fault..basically played 14 odd missions, cleared 4 enemies each time, never lost....played my first key today...about 400 tokens.....and then you want 300 gold for 5 gas.....that must be a joke???? Do you guys not have a fucking testing area??? I think I'm done...let me know when this shit is fixed


  • NerfZone187
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    I want to know if we can get our red points from the 1st week of guild wars before World Squad formed Wild Squad with Wild Walking. That was 65-75k red points.

    So are those points *Poof gone forever?