GW not accessible to lower levels.

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Other than my complaints about the rarity of gas, which I see is well voiced here on the forum, my other main complaint is this...

I just attempted my first GW on my mini account where I’m camp level 45, and my survivors are level 16, and I have to fight level 24-25 walkers in the first round? That is not happening. Maybe the level of my other guild mates is the determining factor of starting level? I am the second lowest level in that guild.

However, in my main account, we’re all 70 and having a ball. GW has got us talking more than ever, it’s great! So for all the little buggy things here and there, and the lack of gas, it’s a pretty cool addition to the game.

P.S. The lack of gas really makes GW feel like it was specifically designed to be pay2play, which NML has never felt like before.
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