Guild War Gas prices - unacceptable

This is so out of whack, I have to say something. In the the trade shop, today under a "Special Offer", I see a price of 300 gold for >5< cans of guild wars gas.

What rewards can 5 cans of gas lead to? Oh, about 50 - 60 rewards points in total. >60< where 300 will earn you 40 Abraham tokens? Are you kidding me? In what world would you consider 40 Abraham Tokens to be a good trade for 1500 gold?

That's offer's not just bad. That's an insult.

Don't do that, Next Games.


  • Kash
    Kash Member Posts: 3
    1000 gold for 20 gallons of gas is a “Special Offer”? I don’t see how NG finds that as a special offer. Is this what the discussion results came up with? I hope NG can come up with something better than that. 20 gallons doen’t even last one battle.
  • xyf80
    xyf80 Member Posts: 60
    NG is turning to Greedy mode this December lol like very greedy
  • Chimera
    Chimera Member Posts: 21
    That's what I don't really understand.

    They have a decent business giving people a chance to move forward (e.g. gold, phones, tokens, the rest). Even if many of the bundles aren't great value -- there's nothing that I've seen that's so unfair to players. And yes, I've probably sent them $20 over time, for this not-terribly-complex game.

    But then consider -- here I am in a guild war. I do well. And bang, i have next to no gas left. And.... six active players on my team, vs five on the other team, after many where it was 6 them to 3 or 4 on my side, etc. etc. etc.

    Guild Wars needs work to become as appropriately equal as it could be. What would make a hell of a lot more sense would be for each team to start with equal amounts of gas, at every fight. MAYBE to earn one or two bits of gas beyond that with playtime.