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Would be nice if We could see the chat box while in map.
For example if I was in the north junkyard clearing, and mate needed me to clear the found enemy in south junkyard, I would not know, because chat is not visible while in map.
I can see it if I go to another area, but I tend to clear all first.
With timing, it is an opportunity to miss out on points.
Ms Willie


  • bladgier
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    This is the exact same thing I was literally about an hour ago talking about to my guild mates.

    Chat window that would be visible on top of the maps like a messenger pop up, only it would be visible like a square.

    It would make coordinating actions much more easy.
  • SmokeandMirrors
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    Exactly! That would make communicating so much easier! Tonight I was practically yelling at my guildies to check the chat. Of course they couldn’t hear me which frustrated me all the more! 😉
  • Steeboon
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    Imagine changing the setup of Sancutary to one whereby 2 players can play together in a missions against 6 AI humans, I think it’s more fun.
  • MrKaplan
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    I try to keep my guild together by calling out the direction after we clear a level. My team knows to look for it but it would save time and help the flow if we could see it on the map screen.
  • Firekid
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    edited January 2019
    @MrKaplan Did you know you can place a marker on the sector you want people to hit next? Just press the sector for a second and your icon will appear.
  • TJS
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    Interesting. I didn't know that @Firekid , nor did anyone in my guild. Thanks for the info.
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  • Firekid
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    No worries glad I could help!
  • Stalker20
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    @Firekid awesome, that's gonna help a lot. Shared it to my guildmates.
  • Ronin_Dave
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    @Firekid thanks. Much appreciated.