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    @vshield50 I understand where you’re coming from, I’m not knocking you for stating your opinion on the matter but if history has served well in this game numerous things get changed due to casual players voicing their opinion and that doesn’t mean it’s always for the best either.

    In my opinion I can’t see how any solution lowering the amount of players to enter a battle could be seen as a “good” solution to the problem. Even your earlier suggestion about match making locating the same amount of players, they will have to lock teams and prevent someone from joining which screws someone out of gameplay either way.

    We have players all over the USA, Canada, France, Scotland, Croatia, Australia hell we even have a 9y/o kid on our team that plays GW with us and fights lol. It took serious hours of dedication and communication via LINE app to coordinate it and it’s something im very proud of. We do not want to face teams of 5 or less that is a waste of our time, most of us only want to play the sanctuary maps to begin with haha.

    It takes a great deal of commitment to make guild wars an enjoyable experience, hopefully some who post here can make it happen. I meant no offense just hope they don’t water down Guild Wars because many I know were losing interest in this game and it was getting increasingly boring. We’ll see what happens next season 🙏
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    I view your statement, opinions and concerns above as not only valid, but constructive as well. I see your point about "locking teams" and preventing someone from joining being an issue as well if they pair teams based on number of people playing. Perhaps a range of players can be a standard or there could be another way to approach that.

    I mean it when I say that I am happy you guys have had great success with guild wars. As you know I know a majority of those in your guild (even the 9 year old, lol) and I wish you guys continued success 😊

    I appreciate your post both in it's content and tone. Happy slaying and hopefully whatever is done with guild wars will be best for all of us (or at least most).
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    @vshield50 i sure hope so! Jr. Has been kicking ass against level 25 humans in GW lol. Hopefully any changes made keep it fun and exciting. It’s been great so far, aside from gas economy of course. It took a lot of time to make it work for us, I invested an entire weekend into battle tracking and coordinating. It’s difficult for sure but possible as more and more players on your team get used to it. I also have help from members setting up teams though so that helps. Good luck STS bring yo ass up in tier so we can battle! Haha friendly battle brotha
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    I’m totally fine. I have complete faith that @Shteevie won’t implement the stupid ideas and dumb suggestions. :p
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    Easy @Jenng I’m trying to fly under the radar lmao 😆 pretty please?
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    xbamfx said:

    @vshield50 I understand where you’re coming from, I’m not knocking you for stating your opinion on the matter but if history has served well in this game numerous things get changed due to casual players voicing their opinion and that doesn’t mean it’s always for the best either.

    So your real issue is against "casual playsrs". We got to the truth eventually. May I remind you that without casual players there probably wouldn't be a game left to play.

    I should point out, that I haven't asked for lower entry requirements, but that I share to some extent the same problem as those who have. In fact, I suggested a slight tweak to the maximum guild size, which may or may not gain popularity over time. I believe this is the opposite of what you call whining.

    You've made insinuations that "casual players" have been lazy and are not worthy to play this game, and should therefore leave the game. I don't believe that is the opinion of NG, but I am not allowed to speak on their behalf, so they can confirm one way or the other.

    You've suggested, that I personally haven't taken time and effort to work on organising things. You did so without knowing me or anything about my gaming history. I didn't want to respond too far into that because I would be belittling efforts of others in my guild. However:
    • I've put out repeated messages to persuade more adoption and use of our external chat.
    • I regularly asked for people's preferred times - which left no obvious time slot.
    • On almost every waking hour, I was appealing for people to sign up. Especially when I saw them appear online.
    • I removed dead weight, making room for fresh recruits. I closely monitored recruits progress. When someone joins on Sunday, even with witheld stars, I can tell the 1☆s are a sign of significant activity. When someone joins during a war, logs in regular, doesn't enter another war, doesn't chat, 0 ☆s, they have to be kicked.
    There's more, but a guild is more than one person. The fact you decided I must be a lazy person, with no desire to coordinate, is laughable. 1st war we played 4 battles. 2nd war we played 7 battles with 3 players away.

    I also, prefer not to see the entry requirement reduced, because it potentially stifles benefits of playing a battle, and how far a guild can progress in it. But I understand exactly why people have suggested it, based on my experienced on both GW so far. There are probably more people requesting it than anything else, and to me that shows a very real valid concern, that SHOULD NOT be derided in such childish way. This is why I have responded as I have.

    Sorry for posting straight after @Kaz - I was checking for typos when that popped up.
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