SUGGESTION: Team management

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Successfully begging people to enter even if not playing has its downside too.

We ended up with 10 players on one battle, and a couple of GOOD players arrived later on and could only spectate. Of course they see 4 players scoring 0. How to keep that situation calm ...

In this instance, the 8th player to enter really shouldn't of, as whilst he CAN enter, his survivors aren't strong enough yet, even for forests.

It was less than 6 minutes to go. I can't ask him to pull out. It's too late. Yes, I am aware this might be why NG don't allow this as well, but I hope it is considered.

My suggestion is for a team leader to be able to pull a player out, if needed, before the battle starts, where it is clearly not in the Guild's interests for them to be entered, on that specific occasion.
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  • xbamfx
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    @Bill_ZRT I like that suggestion a lot! Right on man. 👏
  • Ronin_Dave
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    Dilly dilly! Great idea.
  • WellyLuga
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    edited January 2019
    Excellent idea @Bill_ZRT

    My only problem was that there were a few times during last GW where I signed up for a battle about half an hour before the start but then something came up and I wasn't able to play until about 15 mins in. I'd be a little salty if I'd been booted because I didn't ready up even though I played the last half hour :lol:
  • Cronus
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    I'm going to be 15 minutes late, because....

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    @Bill_ZRT I love the idea, but I also agree with @Wellyluga

    Simply allow leaders and elders to remove players from a match prior to start is a good idea tho, because...

    Some of you have seen the schedule I've drafted for my guild this weekend. The only problem left for me is when someone who is NOT SCHEDULED jumps into register for the battle... I've no way to remove them.

    Well I do have one way, they'll have to be booted and invited back into the guild. Which is unfortunate and may lead to some drama. But my elders have instructions in this event since it's our only option.

    Please @Shteevie allow guild leaders to add remove for guild wars. It's a good idea.

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  • Dodkong
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    The idea is a good one, but if only the leader is given the ability to add/remove, it becomes important that they are on a lot to monitor the queue. Would it be possible to have a title/rank of "Battle Leader" or some such that can be given to an elder and have the same ability. Maybe make it limited to two or three people.
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