Please allow more players to join in battle 12-15 minimum.

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We would like to ask that more slots be added to battle, ten is not enough. We would ask for 12-15 slots be made available for each war. This would allow battles to be completed at much higher rate! Possibly 2-3 battles a day that way people have mor time for activities like building bunk beds and such. Thoughts?


  • vshield50
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    I can support raising the maximum players to 12-15 as long as NG could match up battles based on how many people join battle (and strength). The guild I am in has instances where we have 10 or more that can play and other times where we cannot meet minimum due to life schedules and times zones.

    Also think the minimum to start a Guild War battle should be adjusted down as well but I will keep it on topic here. Lol
  • Edie
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    Why have a minimum or maximum number of survivors for a war? If you go to war with one you will get slaughtered, but sowhat. Also, why have keys, let people play as many battles as they want. Gas is already a limiting factor. And if people want to spend for gas, let them.
  • xbamfx
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    @Edie I think the keys is to limit guilds from running up the score board tiers and kinda adds a little more exclusive feel to it, I can’t say I’m against being able to war whenever you want tho. I wouldn’t mind a war lasting 24 hours also and allowing your entire guild to battle whenever they like, it would also allow the other guild players to play as much as they like but have flexibility. I’ve played similar games that have that concept. It would definitely release pressure off of people PLAYING NOW deal. It would also help guilds a lot with players from all over the world.
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    I like this idea @xbamfx @Edie 24 hr battle that can be joined at any time by all members of the guild, but could be limited to 1 hr play per key. Great idea. @Kaz