NG ought to replace GW gas with Normal gas

@Kaz As a frequent and high level player, I appreciate these forums and the varied perspectives on the game. I rarely post as I have nothing new to add. Clearly the issue of a GW gas ⛽️ has struck a nerve with many players and participants of this forum. From my and my Guild’s experience, GW gas ⛽️ is a real shortcoming to getting the full enjoyment of this new game mode. For the higher level players, we are burning through between 40 to 50 GW gas per key, or if you play all 6 keys, then between 240 or 300 for the event. Even after taking full advantage of the available free tanks from the Distance and Challenge, etc., you are left with having to purchase a significant amount of GW gas at a premium cost. Do the math and you can see how expensive this game mode can become. My suggestion is to replace the red GW gas ⛽️ with the Normal gas that is used in all other game modes. Otherwise NG’s business model for this game mode will run out of gas sooner than you expect.

NG ought to replace GW gas with Normal gas 37 votes

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  • Stalker20
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    Totally agree and with the fuel needed to compete in gw, the challenge and the distance 24hr gas booster sales will rocket.
  • romeo
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    1.This makes more sense
    2.Best poll in 2019
    3.This will uncomplicate things
    4.Less gap between high end players and Casual players
  • Firekid
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    I think that NG wanted to stop people from doing 40-50 missions per battle. The idea was you aren't meant to be able to complete all sectors (I understand that this has been done and people see that as the goal) instead you had to coordinate with your team to get the best possible score with the resources available. The amount of gas on offer does need to be increased though if they want people to actually play it. I think 20-25 gas per key would be a good amount. Rather than he 12-15 we get at the moment.
  • maddog2020
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    As a high lv player, I’m all about the competition. So far in guild wars my average is between 750 and 850 but it requires a ton of gas (40 to 50) to get there and unfortunately it’s not being provided through convenient means like trade shop exchange, distance rewards or even in the challenge rewards. We are able to get a few through these means but not enough to really play guild wars. If NG could increase the amount of gas in rewards that are achieved I believe this would solve the problem of (out of gas)
    In guild wars. I admit I have bought the gas to continue to play but unfortunately I’m not made of money or have a money tree in the backyard. So any help with this problem would greatly be appreciated.
  • xyf80
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    not in a million times of chance guys, check out the GW gas price, NG is in greedy mode now
  • WellyLuga
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    I found that it was a little better this week than it was the first week. It still needs some tweaks as we are limited to spending 15-20 gas per battle then 5 refunded if you want to contribute to all 6. I don't think that using green gas is the answer though. Sure NG would make more money in booster sales but it would mess up the economy for those not wanting to buy a booster as they would be forced to pick between GW, the challenge and the distance.
  • Troublemaker
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    Lots of possibilities here. Like completely removing 24h gas and adding different options.

    But adding a 2nd gas currency... No.

    In fact I can't even believe how these ideas go on on NG's meetings. Clutter, confusion, problems... Isn't it simpler to go simple?
  • romeo
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    More people routinely buying 24 hours green gas ? Better than smaller number of people buying red gas imo. And weekly gas + 2x XP too.
  • ignas
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    > @romeo said:
    > More people routinely buying 24 hours green gas ? Better than smaller number of people buying red gas imo. And weekly gas + 2x XP too.

    Yeah and FTP players/guilds will lose each an every battle. They will abandon GW and eventually only 10 gilds will compete. Awesome.

    Unlimited gas would also generate huge amount of those gray points for which you can buy in GW shop which would spoil economy.
  • TransmuteJun
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    I can appreciate why there s red gas for GW, rather than the usual green gas. However, the limitations that the red gas imposes are significantly limiting play and enjoyment.

    My suggestion would be to remove the red gas altogether. Make it so that if you play GW, you can plan any unlimited number of missions. However, the KEYS are difficult to obtain. Maybe only 1 free key per player per GW weekend. Then a second/third key could be earned through the Distance, maybe another 1-2 in the challenge, and then others in the shops, to a max of 6-8. Then people could use the keys on whichever day they like, they could play each war to their heart's content, but people would still have to work (or pay) to get keys to play GW.