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Guild wars has said <1 minute all morning long and when my players join it removes them immediately and says 0 out of 10.


  • tawabawa
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    Any updates? Cause we got nothing. Can't play at all. Team frustrated. All this and coordinating 6 time zones and we can't even get on.
    Still, timer showing less than one minute....forever
    Still, kicks off of guild screen. No more than one guild member at a time.
  • Mistii
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    Everyone joins the war only for it to disappear again & it's stuck on the 1 min screen it's been impossible to join in with the wars for our guild named livinghell, my GN is mistii & leader is blunds
  • Kaz
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    I'm sorry to hear that, guys. :/

    I've added to the list of known problems. We are still working on a fix for that, but we don't have an ETA for that at the moment.

    The full list can be seen here.

  • Clintiswood
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    Same problem for DEADALRDY guild, many thanks for your effort to fix it asap!
  • Reynar_Ragnus
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    Same issue. Guild name = we are rick 918
  • crambert_nec
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    Same here all day. I sure hope we're getting compensated for the lost VP and RP we should be earning today.
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  • Jaden
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    Same for Morbid Spirits - and I agree, we should be compensated VP and RP. Time is limited and if we don't get to play, getting gas or keys won't make up for that - can't add extra time.

    And we need the VP and RP to get the higher rewards, just like everyone else does.
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  • Goatlips
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    Same for The GOAT guild - stuck on <1 min all day (12hrs and counting).
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    edited January 2019
    The bug strikes
    Just did a battle 5pm cst. ( 11 utc )
    Was locked out for 20 mins of various loading screens and at one point had join a guild on my screen
    Guild name : DieZombieDie

  • jechers
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    Same issue. Guild name = Walker Slayers
  • Goatlips
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    Is there no official reply or post about this? The GOAT guild were stuck on "<1 minute" for the entire war and couldn't play at all!
    Will it be the same for the next war if they've not acknowledged the problem?

    P.S. The GOAT guild still have a couple of open slots:
  • Goatlips
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    ...So, the GWs being stuck on <1min was acknowledged in the app's News section - at least I think it was - and we ALL were compensated a bit of GW fuel and 75RP!
    Thus, everyone who actually got to play benefited from non-players' suffering.
    Whilst we were 'compensated' just 75RP - I'm fairly sure I earned around 1000RP last war! As, for the GWs fuel gift - strangely enough, I'm pretty good for gas, what with not being able to use it, LOL.
    I don't actually care as I play for free, but 75RP compensation to those that actually give you money must've seemed out of touch with how much RP they would've earned.
    Hopefully it'll be fixed next war and not after the update as I enjoyed playing my first war last time. My guild never had 7 sign up at once for war 1, which was an inexplicable amount, so reducing it to 6 is much better - a no-brainer - 7 was ill-conceived.