An awful issue with updating of the GW map

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We had a battle with GK Crew A at UTC 19 today and we faced an awful issue when after completing a mission nothing happened. For example, a mission wasn't marked as completed after completion. If you found the enemy, you couldn't attack him because the mission icon wasn't being changed. The map wasn't being reloaded|updated until you completely restarted the app.

Actually, each time you complete a mission, you needed to restart the app.


  • Kaz
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    I see... That's a really bad experience indeed. :(

    This usually happens when the game is having problems to update your progress, so probably a server issue. Restarting forces the game to sync with the server and normally fixes it.

    We are still investigating many issues that occurred in this third war. I'll add this to the list.

    Thanks for letting me know.
  • This is related to the not awarding vp after the attack. They might have not noticed the out of time and zero vp at the bottom of the attack victory screen
  • msapaev
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    UTC 21 – we faced it again... All members of my guild that were participating in the battle had the same issue...