War General Role

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So new Role specifically for Guild Wars.

A war general can do 4 things:

1. Lock 1 or 2 sectors so people can only raid those sectors.
2. Give out GW Gas to all guild mates
3. Give out a random Bonus at the start of each Battle
4. Can manually opt in and out people before each Battle

I will probably thing of some more benefits later. By the way War General should only be given to 1 member per Guild

Or alternatively would be cool to see everyone in the guild getting 5 GW Gas when you buy Barrel of GW Gas bundle.

Probably making a video!

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    I prefer the “team effort” approach.
  • romeo
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    That 1 member wiil have to stay awake in entire GW ? 😁 maybe for leader & elders. Good idea though
  • Dodkong
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    1) It should be up to the guild members to follow directions and coordinate attack plans. If you have players that like heading off on their own, they are going to resent being forced to go where they don't want to and will leave the guild. If that's the intended result, good idea. Otherwise, not a good idea.

    2) As in pool the whole guild's GW gas and then ration it out as a battle starts? Not only no, but oh hell no. People play as they are able. They have their own earned/bought resources to use as they can. No one should be able to dictate how those resources are utilized beside the owner of the resources. An emphatic not a good idea.

    3) A freebie for doing nothing? Sure I'll take it. Do I realistically see NG making this available? Nope, not at all. Good idea, but doubtful it'll see the light of day.

    4) I've already suggested this and it would help provide playtime for guilds who don't have maximum participation all the time. It'd be nice to see, but I just don't think it'll be important enough for NG to dev it. The onus is on us players to sign up and be there. Good idea, but the truth is it's up to players to find like minded people to play as much as the majority of the guild wishes to play.
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