"Kick from battle" team option

@Kaz, NG
Please,give us option to kick from battle players that just signed up and arent playing during battle. It's so frustrating and provoke unpleasant situation inside guild.
Ofc its normal that sometiomes bad thing happen, unexpected but its very frustrating when you fight very even battle and lose just because 1 or 2 members of your team weren't playing.
In the meantime 2 other guildmates were shouting on guild chat "Let us into battle.we wanna help, we can still win this". Nope, we couldnt because all 10 places was taken, two scoring 0 guildpoints...


  • I_Am_Psycho
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    Definitely something NG should consider. I was powerless to prevent 2 members (and a guild hopper) wasting their gas. Without having spoken to them, it is obvious what occurred. They both saw 5 players already entered, and joined in the 6 minutes before it start.

    I knew for certain 2 of the 5 were not going to play. But to others, they might have believed there is a strong team waiting for help.

    At least, for now, the ghost entries are now deleted following the battle, but 2 good players burnt gas needlessly. Maybe if it was possible to pull out the ghost entries, they would have chosen to wait for a better time.


    Any plans concerning this?
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  • TweetyBird
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    Same with my guild, would like to kick players that are not messaging "ready" before the team is locked
  • Jenng
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    Ummm :| oops! :#

    They probably are deserving of humiliation and public ridicule ;)

    But I’m sure they’re remorseful for their dumbassery. @I_Am_Psycho

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  • YogieC
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    I agree same for my Guild.
  • Overgrowdaworld
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    We have a great strategy with our guild working together. The lower lvl players with lots of gas “clear” and find enemies. The higher lvl players beat the enemies, then help “clear” and fight enemies in the junkyards.
    Main thing is, we work together in the same area at the same time!
    We would love to kick out a guild member from the battle if they are wasting everyone’s time, and their own, all by themselves, trying to clear a 5 map junkyard area and only beating 2 enemies, and leaving 3 more.
    If they don’t want to be part of the team, then they get the boot! Make room for a player that knows how to play GW!