Because we are on a time limit concerning Guild Wars...

Next week is our final battles in this set of Guild Wars “War”. Many of us have some important questions regarding this and since we are now on a time limit...

1. When the Guild Shop resets after this War is through, do we lose any/all tokens and weapons we haven’t bought? Do we need to get everything we can bought up by the end of next weekend?
2. Will we lose all of our individual tokens we earned in this War (for the Guild Shop purchases) and be resett to zero for the next one? Or will these be allowed to accumulate through all the Wars?

Less pressing questions...

1. What exactly does “5 missions completed = 5 gas” mean?
(If I am spending 25 or more gas a battle and at least 7 to 10 of it is fighting an actual enemy.... Shouldn’t the amount of missions = gas be based on what I actually do? Be it total missions or actual enemy battles?)
2. Why am I unable to shoot anything standing in front of a Metal Walker? It is before the Metal Walker. How is the Metal Walker blocking my shot? If that is the case, the shrapnel I see bouncing off the Metal Walker alone should take the one in front of it down.
3. We actually battled a Guild yesterday that only had 5 names on their roster. How is this possible when you can not withdrawl your name from 3 minutes before a battle through it’s completion?