Please use separate Hospital or healing method for Guild Wars

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Hi @Kaz

Enjoying Guild Wars...great job guys and gals at NG!

Is there any plans to come up with a separate hospital for survivors injured while playing Guild Wars?

The injuries received during play in GW carries over to Challenge play, and Outpost. This stops play cold in all aspects of the game, and can’t be good for the bottom line at NG can it? If I can’t play I don’t watch ads, don’t look at bundles. For all the injuries I received going deep into GW play early Sunday evening, my last survivors finished healing this morning.

Can GW migrate into the same system as the Distance as far as injuries are concerned, or at least not bleed (literally) into all other parts of the game?

Again, love GW and the spirit of cooperation it has brought to our Guild, but please don’t let GW disrupt other parts of the game.

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  • SgtSalami
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    Yes, they completely need a separate hospital as in the distance. If one wants to play the end missions of challenge, which are difficult, and gw, then much gold needs to be spent on healing, but I'm sure this is what next games wants us all to do. If one is not going to spend more money on gold, I imagine the only option is to play less of one, the other or both...
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    Need to be separated yes, like Distance
  • TJS
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    But the distance doesn’t have a hospital. So how can they have a separate hospital like the distance?

    I obviously don't like healing times but I don't see the relationship with the distance.

    Unless you mean we have 2 hospitals, one as now & one for GW? I guess that's possible but I don't see it happening.
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    I’m ok seeing it the same as the Distance where killed survivors become unavailable for the rest of that battle. They can be restored to full health for the next one. I had to give up on pushing my Challenge further because I wanted my A Team healthy for the upcoming battles on Sunday.
  • TJS
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    Maybe my comment earlier came across negatively, this was not my intention.

    I get the purpose of this thread but I don't see NG creating a separate hospital for GW.

    Nore do I fully understand the proposal of the same system as The Distance. Would that mean if a survivor is injured or killed I can't heal them, etc.
    Also as The Distance is running during GW that would mean three separate 'hospital' formats.

    Sounds alittle confusing & I don't see either of these happening for various other reasons.

    What seems plausible and the most practical way to address this issue would be to have permanent 'Reduced Healing Times' while GW is running.
    Or if possible, reduce healing times for all survivors injured in GW.

    That would take little effort to implement and would atleast make it easier for players to continue playing the challenge if injured in GW.
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    TJS said:

    Or if possible, reduce healing times for all survivors injured in GW.

    yes like in the other pvp mode outpost, that would be a good solution
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    Even just reducing the healing time to half in GW would make a huge difference.