Dwight with Rocket Launcher glitch

I was fighting in guild wars and killed 2 enemies, the 3rd, being Dwight with the Rocket Launcher. It was my turn. I put all 3 of my guys in overwatch. As Dwight came in, all 3 let off there attack... assault, hunter, hunter. He died but glitched and came back from his starting position and blew my 3 guys up which put all 3 in the red. That wasn’t right.


  • dlb
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    Freemen and defenders glitch everywhere, making impossible moves, and attacking twice. So it's not just a gw or rocket thing.
  • Zette
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    I've seen the freemen do some crazy moves like being near u then all of a sudden...poof, they're back where they started from. I'm wondering in ur situation if maybe Dwight's retaliate was triggered during one of the hits he took while u were in overwatch...before the hit that killed him?
  • Overgrowdaworld
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    The last hit killed him. He fell to the ground dead, then poof! As soon as he hit the ground, he came back from his starting position and hit my 3 with the RL.
    My A-Team were all Heavily Injured in 1 hit. Wasn’t too happy about that cuz it was my second enemy fight in the first maps at the beginning. I usually don’t take any damage past 1 of my guys being bruised. His dudes were only lvl 20 and 21.
    I had 3 lvl 22 guys with Abe as leader. All with leg weapons maxed.

    But yes! It was his retaliate. But you shouldn’t be able to retaliate once your dead? His bar filled back up to all red and he teleported back to his starting position, ran in and did the retaliation strike. Lol
  • zbot
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    @Overgrowdaworld that's an visual issue, sometimes the game shows all the moves instead of in order to speed things up.

    Overwatch attacks happen one at a time but sometimes the game will speed things up and things will not be shown in order.

    Easiest way to see this is overwatch and grenadiers or with range and interrupt on human enemies.

    Good detective work @Zette