Mislabeled levels in GW last weekeend

First, thank you @Kaz and NG for all you do to make this game so much fun! The compensation was great today!

One problem we had in the last GW, I didn't see in the known issues list, was you’d select a battle based on the level it said it would be. I have level 19 survivors and so I'd look for level 23 battles. But then you'd get in and there would be level 25 and 26 mobs. Or my guild mate would choose a level 25 battle and there would be level 27s and 28s. This didn't happen in the first two wars, but it happened to at least 3 of us in my guild in the last war.


  • Kaz
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    Good call, PButtercup!

    This should be addressed in the next update as well with an interface improvement that will tell you the difficulty of the sector before you tap to play a mission.
    It's possible that you might find the same problem in the last war of the season though...

    Thanks for the feedback! :)
  • 1LostWarrior
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    @PButtercup same problem here too..thanks for posting it !

    @Kaz thanks for the info..Will be same problem last war too..
    Got it !!
    Still a great game...just needs some tweeking...no biggie !!