Guild Wars Gas Maxed Out??

Guild Wars Gas maxes out at 100 - is that a bug or “working as intended”?

Sorry to anyone who is struggling to get hold of enough gas to play GW enough, you probably won’t enjoy knowing that there are people out there with maxed gas, so let me explain.....

I am an end-gamer who quit the game about a year ago, due to challenge grind, but started playing again a few months ago as GW sounded exciting. I have a few “real-life” friends who have started playing, so we have set up a training guild to pass on some hints and tips. As they are low-level obviously we fell short of the required numbers for GW. I have recently coaxed a few of my old guild mates back out of retirement to join us, and we now finally have enough players to try guild wars.

Anyway, just playing through the challenge and noticed when picking up 5 GW Gas that it has stayed static at 100.

@Kaz could you confirm whether this is correct that it should stay at 100?



  • Kaz
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    @Pandreq Don't worry! Your effort wasn't in vain! :).

    I think this is one of the known bugs where your total amount of gas is not correctly updated. I've just checked your account you have currently 105 gas. Try to restart the game and the correct amount of gas should be displayed to you. :)

    At the moment, we don't have a limit for Guild Wars gas and it isn't in our plans to set a cap for it as well.
  • Pandreq
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    Thanks @Kaz - this thread can be closed then please
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