Ode to Winter Bow

Artminius Member Posts: 524 ✭✭✭✭
I think it might be the only five trait weapon in the game:
Silent shot always (better than even 10* Daryl)
Tactics always (leveraging that with shooter free shot is just sick!)
Hunter range (and could walk back)
And some other cool traits I've forgotten in the moment.

I find it to be the single most delightful experience in the game, three years and counting.
And the hilarity of Merle using it with his knife hand still can make me drop my phone. Maybe he uses the hook on the back of his knife to draw the string...?

@Kaz: please convey my accolades to the dev team and to the mad genius who pushed this idea through. The tactical permutations of it (as a PL70 still farming) are fabulous!