Assault help.

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These are my only 2 non hero assault, worth investing in them?


  • PigBenis
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    Not in my opinion. Vigilant on the 1st and Bullet Dodge on the 3nd are deal breakers for me. I often come across decent Assaults, and would expect others do as well, so I'd say hold off for now.
  • TJS
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    Your first one will do well @mack22
    Would have been perfect if vigilant was lucky but it's not the worst trait.

    I just wouldn't invest futher. I have one similar and invested in her early in the game but I now regret it. I'm still searching for something better though so hold on to yours for now at the least.
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  • WellyLuga
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    I don't mind vigilant, my main assault has it. Mostly due to not finding anything perfect but her other traits are the staple iron skin, marksman, lucky and revenge. If you have DR badges solid enough to get Melanie to 80% without the iron skin trait I would prefer her.
  • LoneWanderer360
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    Bullet dodge is trash except for outpost defenders.