Possible Fix to this current situation.

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Clearly many players have experienced some struggles today that are beyond frustrating. My guildmates and I were discussing a possible fix that would perhaps smooth over plenty of people who are angry and frustrated, and for good reason obviously.

We came across losing 2 battles worth of progress, high scoring progress so for

1. Anyone who completed a battle and didn’t receive proper VP or RP this progress should be rewarded back to the player if possible

2. Do not count the weekend as officially part of this season however save people progress as they have invested time and gas for doing so.

3. Add an additional weekend war to this season so people get a fair shake at achieving higher ranks without dealing with glitch, lag, of being locked out period.

4. I think it’s safe to say plenty of players lost out on gas that wasn’t registering progress? So perhaps reimburse 3 battle worth of gas? 60 or so gas so players who grind and save up or bought gas can get some back to use in future weeks.

I think it’s safe to say that today has been eventful and I hope these suggestions may open up some ideas and maybe help players calm or smooth of some who are angry. It’s unfortunate, because when guild wars is running smooth it is a load of fun! Sorry if any typos. Thanks


  • sbf
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    Yup, so many things wrong with this GW roll out. Whatever happens, I do hope that there's nuance in the compensation and it's not just a bundle of 40 GW gas and 15 phones, which would be next to nothing.

    To the players who wasted keys on glitched battles where there is no way to know the rewards they missed out on, which it seems has affected everyone, there should be some sort of compensation including gas and RPs (at the very least) and a way to recoup potentially lost VPs and RPs (as suggested above, adding a further weekend for this season would let all guilds keep their progress and recoup the VPs and RPs from this roll out).

    To the players and guilds that finished entire battles only to have them removed from the logs, especially those who have screenshots to prove it (in my guild's case we are missing 23k VPs), the VPs should be restored and the VPs and RPs given in further battles which would have had a higher multiplier.