some leadertraits don't work in the distance

sumsikowski Member Posts: 57
used tara to heal my mates...nothing
used sasha to charge my team...nothing
used riot glenn to get charged on beginning...nothing

new rick's trait has done its job.


  • jrodrf2
    jrodrf2 Member Posts: 333
    With Tara, the "mates" have to use their own charge attack to heal themselves. Also, if the mate has a red health bar, Tara's ability can't bring it back to green.

    With Sasha, her trait is a chance to gain a charge point, so sometimes the dice don't roll your way. Lucky on your weapon or survivor/hero does help to enhance her trait, so that might help.

    I don't believe I've seen anything on RGG's trait working with the distance. I'll be interested to see if anyone else has any insight on that.
  • TJS
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    Yes. Roit Gear Glenn's trait works in the distance.

    Like Sasha, it's a chance based trait so sometimes it will trigger, sometimes not.
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