Well, I’ve started the process of looking for a...

looking for a Game to play, if NextGames NML, goes away...

It is possible, that this game won’t be worth the efforts, of a different internet gaming company...

( not profitable enough to continue... )

Kinda crummy...

NextGames, sure has a high mountain to climb, to stay alive...

Very sad...


  • Andrea
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    edited February 2019
    I'm agree...sometimes i think the same! I need a substitute if happen! My last was Angry birds 2...just saying ;)
  • Fingerfood
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    Bubble witch saga 3 😆
  • mongo_nine_one_one
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    I installed “ War Machine “ ( a Armored Tank fighting game... )

    Tried it for a couple of days playing for free... not very interesting, at such low levels...


    I spent some money... ( $100. USA ) upgraded to strong base level... still not interesting...

    I’ve not joined any “ clans “ to fight as a group... ( I wouldn’t want a player like “ me “, in any group I was in... )

    I advanced thru “ second level “ to “ third level of tank fighting “... same old as first level... simplistic & boring... ( I imagine, the Clan Tank Battles, are the ‘ meat ‘ of the game.., )

    I’m ranked as the 994,657 best player... ( not impressive... huh... )

    Conclusions are...

    I doubt I will ever spend money again on this boring game... advancement thru ‘ game play ‘ ( free ) is even more tedious than NML...

    ( I should have joined a clan, but I don’t play well with other children... and the required “ hazing rituals “ to join, are probably more than I can stomach... )

    I know that my penchant for vulgarities would cause my swift banishment from any chosen Clan... ( terms like, fuk you & get lost dip-shit, cause others to be offended... )

  • Jenng
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    I’m not gonna invest in another game, so hopefully this one drags on for awhile longer.
    And when the end does come, I hope I go out gracefully.

  • capibara
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    Is NML quitting? I doubt... Compass Point is still there even if there are no updates
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