Shut down GW and don’t reopen until fixed, please

We can attempt to finish the season in 2 weeks, but when it inevitably fails, please don’t start a new season until it’s completely fixed. I think we could use a break from it, anyway, given the mounting frustration.


  • devynrogue
    devynrogue Member Posts: 7
    Amen. This is frustrating not getting credited with any points in GW when you fight your butt off to win!
  • Camel56
    Camel56 Member Posts: 509 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I've played GW on both an Android and an Apple. The time delay in the android is extremely frustrating just watching the loading screen between missions. There is a pause when you select a survivor to do something. Yes I did all the required fixes, optional updates, force stop, clear cache, restart the device and restart the game. Still buggy, Though GW is fun playing it for your own personal satisfaction, it is junk as far as overall competition with other guilds when half the players play with a 10 second leg, and the other half either gets ejected from battle, or lose keys.
  • AlexFiliUK
    AlexFiliUK Member Posts: 161
    I don't see why GW is so much buggier now compared to what it was like when it first started, logically not a lot extra has changed right?