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I had many gifts I received from my guild, and I had not yet claimed, because of the free gas boosters we received from NG each week, I decided not to open the presents and wait for a certain moment to open them, when I need gas.

I had 201 gifts since Valentine's Day (yes, my guild is very generous, my friends from Legacy Eh and all EH family are sensational), and as it was saved, I noticed that the number of gifts reduced to 197, that is, 4 Gifts mysteriously disappeared.

I contacted @Vane , and he very kindly explained to me that these gifts expire in 30 days, and then I had to rush and open all 197 gifts fast, not to miss any more.

I did not know about this 30 day deadline to open the guild gifts, and I believe the vast majority do not know either.

My suggestion is, finish this term, the gifts are mine, I won from my friends, because you have a deadline to have these gifts open?

I could put it away, waiting for the new update, and opening it when I needed XP and gas.

If it is not possible to end this 30-day expiration period, you must have some type of advance notice or timer to report the remaining time to lose a gift.

@Vane I know it's a small change, in the face of so many other things that are happening in the game. But it would be great to be able to plan when I open my gifts.

And here I leave my public thanks to you, @Vane , who answered me quickly and I had time to avoid a greater dismay of losing all gifts, thank you!

I would also like to express my gratitude to the Legacy EH and to all EH families. All of you are incredible, it is a great honor to fight with all of you!


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    @TCBRITO Wow, that's funny because the exact same thing happened to me. I play similarly in that I hoard guild gifts for periods where we don't have free gas. Because of update gifts and bug compensation, I haven't had any gas shortage in the last few weeks, so I've been stashing my gifts as well. I even had the exact same number of gifts as you before mine started disappearing, but that's probably because we're in the same guild ;)

    I went on an opening spree this morning and opened the remaining 200 or so gifts in my stash. I 100% agree that the 30-day expiration period is unnecessary...
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