Real reward for all this disorder we are having

TCBRITO Member Posts: 308 ✭✭✭✭✭
@Vane , what is happening in the game is an absurdity, a myriad of errors, and of course gas and xp do not pay for it.

What I ask is that you respect the players, we who keep this game, we dedicate our time in this game, we invest money in this game, so give us much more than gas and xp.

Without the round passes, we have a significant loss of stars, about 200 stars less for each player in my guild, maybe even more. And with that we lost individual prizes and guild prizes too , We are gaining fewer radios and TG boxes.

Give us a worthy reward, in addition to the losses, we spend gold and a lot of time.

Do events together with gas and XP, we have to have the 5 second update of survivors and equipment that goes with it, but there also have to be other things, a triple event of radios, gold and jackpot, starting today.

Biggest rewards in the challenge of covering the stars we're missing without the round passes.

@Vane , So that's it, give us these events, make an announcement soon, we need to know what will be, to plan for this garnde punishment that we will have to play the challenge without the round passes.