Reinforcement Tokens

sicron Member Posts: 84
In which game mode will the reinforcement tokens be available in? And every when? I don't remember any updates where that kind of information was not available. If it is available through hard distance and at a certain challenge lvl, all the players who can achieve that and are farming today so they can claim it at 26, are basically wasting their time. @Vane Can you give us some info on that? I'll be dissapointed and burnt out if I'm farming for no reason at all.


  • flyingcowking
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    Great question, I am very curious, will we see them as commonly as a gold crate 1% item, or shop $$ only, or just GW, etc. Would love to know!
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  • Urbanjesus
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    Let's see a bundle. 15 reinforcement tokens for $20 USD
  • andy75
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    People want to throw money at reinforcement tokens since every mf piece of gear that drops in game has trainging gear or some dumbass trait that wrecks and otherwise useful armor. We’ve grinded and spent for months to get good gear. And finally you introduce upgrade tokens and they immediately become as rare as unicorn piss.

    Put them in the shop. And for the love of God please don’t limit them to glitch wars.
  • jimmorrison369
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    Reinforcement tokens are not obtainable just yet. You got one as an update gift, that's it for now.
  • Kjelliss
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    Anyone spending 2 on the bazooka? :wink: