The Herd can be appropriately called an Event

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@Teeceezy @TK-421 @Vick1993g
The on-going "The Herd" is what I would call an event. A momentous occasion!

3.x times the usual number of walkers at the gate
Increased/generous XP totals
Shorter cycle (can anyone confirm?)
And the walkers are not only carrying gas, but it's enough gas to actually make a difference!

What a concept! Memorable!

Thanks for making the word "event" mean something again.

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  • khajiit
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    When it popped up as an event on my screen it said 10x the walkers. It is technically faster because 10x the walkers spawn in the same time frame as normal.

    I like this one though, I can actually use this one where as the others I couldn't - like the 5 second upgrades was useless when everything costs 40-60k to upgrade and it takes a day or two to get that amount anyways.

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