RP and VP adjustments

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@Vane in the update notes you have said this Guild Wars:

- Victory Points for completing harder difficulty missions (26+) increased, increasing progressively with higher difficulties

However during test wars I noticed that sanctuary maps did have higher amounts which is great dont change that but the 34’s still gave the same rewards as the 29’s in that sector. Why on earth would I waste my time, gold on healing doing 34’s when I can do 29’s? Particularly with Maggie as star hero? Please please please adjust the very hardest guild war levels to accurately reflect the time and effort put in to completing them. I’m tired of being outscored by lower level guild members who stick to the easier ones. (Played one battle where I only did 29’s and got a PB and came second in that battle) is this going to be addressed before 3.3?


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    Wholeheartedly agree. My problem with guild wars is I don't enjoy doing level 29/31 or even lower missions, I feel like I'm spending 50 minutes speed running scavenge missions for little gain and it bores me to tears. So for the last 2 wars I decided that I was going to be the one running the 34 missions, I enjoyed it a lot more as I had to use my brain and take some care doing the missions. The only problem was I ended up 200 RP/VP short of my usual score and near the bottom of my team...
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    Yup, and for lower tier guilds made up of varying player levels it means that the top players complete more of the 'easy' nodes that should be taken by the lower level players. Realistically it should be our top 10 players going for the harder nodes and the rest focusing on the easier nodes.

    If I knew I could get 15-20% more VP/RP from harder nodes it would make up for the extra 15-20% time I need to invest on the maps in those nodes.