GW Battle Time

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Previously, I suggested increasing the GW battle time to 1 hour and 30 minutes so that players did not need to stay for 50 whole minutes in a battle, and having more time could slow down and battle with pauses. But the idea was not well accepted.I suggested this because I find 50 uninterrupted minutes playing quite tiring.

So, what about a test with shorter battle times?

Maybe 30 minutes of battle would be quite intense and less tiring.

What do you all think of short 30 minute battles?



  • Troublemaker
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    I agree with both of you @TCBRITO and @xbamfx - Guild Wars is not working.

    The time restraint is bringing more chaos than fun within guilds.
  • DrUnpleasant
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    My thoughts:
    - It's simply a race against time. As a result, for the 45 mins x 6 per weekend you have to do nothing else for those 45 mins in order to compete. While that may be the 'price' for competing, it places huge stress on players families and weekend schedule.
    - Device is still waaaay too much of a factor. I never used my work iPhone for NML before GW but now it comes out to play every GW because it's quite simply 2 or 3 times faster when loading maps compared to my main Android phone. It's not a CPU issue, it's optimisation.
    - As others have pointed out, there is no real incentive to do the 'hard' (right side) nodes on each map. Why fight lv33 walkers when you could fight lv27 for more points (due to being quicker to finish)

    Now I really like GW, but the first point in particular means that I might have to give it up at some point otherwise the Mrs will be threatening divorce :)

    30 mins wars would be a good start, and maybe reduce the number of nodes required to complete maps at the same time. A 2hr war is also an interesting option and would fit well with the generally casual gameplay style that the players like.