Where are the legendary weapons and armour? ?

Has anyone gotten legendary weapons or armour in post mission crates? I've played over 150 maps in the challenge and haven't gotten one...
I also play a second account, played about 70 maps on that and haven't seen any either (don't mind that as they'd be level 26 and useless to me for about 2 years)..but that's a complaint for another day.


  • tabernac
    tabernac Member Posts: 804
    I definitely have. I'm at PL 71 and I have a few Legendary pieces with starting Level 26. The challenge post mission crates would be the only place I personally could have gotten them.
  • keet
    keet Member Posts: 29
    @tabernac ...just this week, I haven't found any in the challenge
  • NerfZone187
    NerfZone187 Member Posts: 788
    I found 3 this week +
    1 gold frag
    1 gold comp

    Yes I was surprised lol
  • andy75
    andy75 Member Posts: 257 ✭✭✭✭
    I’ve found a bunch. Nothing worth upgrading but I’ve found them.
  • TweakersRweird
    TweakersRweird Member Posts: 19
    I’m getting lvl 26 Legendary as often as I’m not. 😁
  • tabernac
    tabernac Member Posts: 804
    Just came across one a moment ago. This was in a challenge Deluxe crate tho, so not technically a post mission crate I suppose.

  • rogueDS
    rogueDS Member Posts: 598
    Its all random i got better equip for 26s in 1 challenge week then 25 stuff I got in months of challenge literally
  • Cynaar
    Cynaar Member Posts: 1
    I’ve been playing all weekend long and have only seen a few legendary crates in any of the scavenger missions. Before the update I was 1:3-5 when doing these missions. I will say that I feel the payout has increased for gold and radios. Maybe an intentional trade off?