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So I seemed to have some success from my last badge discussion I started so I’m going to push my luck and ask @Vane is anyone working on making allocating badges simpler? When you have 300+ badges trying to maximum their return is an absolute ball ache! 2 things need to be added. On the main badges interface there needs to be a sort by type filter as well as by shape. On the survivor badge allocation screen each position needs a filter by shape and by type.
So in summery are any devs working on this? If not can you explain why not? If they are have you got a rough idea of when this is likely to be introduced?
Thanks for reading and I hope you find time to respond.
P.s I know there have been many threads previously to this on the subject but I thought I’d bring it up again!


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    What he said ^^^
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    This motion sickness from swapping badges has to end really. Yeah what he said
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    Answer prediction:

    No one is working on it. We have no resources or time or interest.

    Hope I'm wrong, of course.

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    While we're at it, please also improve the experience to remove badges...

    For starters, don't scroll the list back to the top when clicking the "trash" button. Don't overlap the "bonus text" with the xp you get for removal.

    Also make it possible to remove a badge by simply clicking on it like is also possible with gear.
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    I still wish they'd add some kind of reuse function for badges you'll never use. I have a bunch of legendary flat CD badges that are completely useless, yet considering the time and effort it took to get them, scraping for 10k xp is a slap in the face
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    Honestly, I don't even swap or craft badges any more. The interface is just too shitty. I only have epic/legendary badges in my inventory, and have already scrapped all of my old, lower flat value badges, as well as CC badges. It's too painful to look through and try to figure out what else I can get rid of, among my epic and legendary badges, so my badge inventory is currently full and that probably won't change.

    Anyone want 93 epic and 18 legendary fragments?

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    Well if any post deserves a JSS it’s that one! Christ man you could almost get rid of all your epic ones with that horde! 😉
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    Hi guys! I am always promoting the importance of UI changes to the Crafting interface in our team, however currently it is not a number one priority among other changes and features coming in the new update (based on developers' time and availability, and the importance of other things to be worked on). It means that if there is some time left, it will be worked on and changed, but if not, it will be postponed for later. At the same time, we actually have a new UI/UX person joining our team in June, so that and hopefully other UI changes/improvements should also get more visibility and support.
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    @Vane thanks for coming in to answer this! Thanks the update and the information that people are being hired to work on the game still!
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    Utterly tired of teammate dependent badges!!!!! Please allow us to change it!!!!!