Armor sets and team pairing

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So I've been pushing 1600 stars up to Max of 1846 so far and I don't have decent armor yet. I do have a few store bought armors that I currently use but always thought they may be something better for higher difficulty challenges. I'm asking if anyone has any suggestions regarding what are the best traits on armor and when they're best used, as far as teams go. I saw a few videos of players using scouts and a bruiser when the scouts used gold wrestler armor. Just curious what everyone is using as well, please leave some comments and suggestions.


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    For Rick or another similar max damage scout you only need gold ruthless since they won't be taking hits. Hazard suit is great to mitigate fire damage and I've actually seen Rick take a hit from a level 40+ walker and avoid struggle with zero DR when the body shot part has triggered.

    Bruisers the best traits are dodge, hazard, health and stun depending on whether there are tanks/bruisers on the map. Iron skin is obviously important if you can't get to 80% with badges alone. Warriors the same.

    I use assaults as tanks so iron skin, dodge, health and stun. Shooters/hunters I use similar to scouts so ruthless is all that really matters as iron skin, health, dodge are unlikely to make a difference at high level.

    Those are my preferences anyway. Considering the state of the game the most important armour you need for high level challenge play is for bruisers as they take the most damage.
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    Sniper Harness can be useful for shooters and hunters, too. A gold one gives 35% more total damage while in cover, which is even more than ruthless and works on all attacks - but of course only when in cover, which varies between sometimes and never depending on the map. Together with Ruthless that gives a significant boost to the damage dealt.

    I know many people at high levels also have training gear armors for low level Challenge and Distance missions but I think that's a second priority when everything else is already upgraded.
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