Cinema ads. 1 advert per 8 hours.

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So the new update is out and I’ve watch my first video. Got 20 gold nice. Then see the timer says my next video is in 8 hours time. Apparently I misread or assumed wrong from the update notes that we would be getting 4 videos every 8 hours. I personally don’t agree with the change. Yes the rewards you can get are better for a one off and you have the chance for phones. However we lose the chance for legendary weapons and armours and gold frags and components and a source of gas throughout the day. Please discuss this to give NG some feedback.


  • skipwood71
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    From the Patch Notes:
    One cinema ad can now be viewed once every 8 hours (instead of 4 ads per hour previously).

    I presume they have calculated that the odds of getting something decent from watching 32 videos in the same period as one now are the same, or similar. I have my doubts.
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    3 phones for me :)
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    4 ads every hours makes me log in the game more. We can get Legendary components & Gears, not counting the Gas which mostly from there when we’re lucky. 8 hours of wait is a total bummer
  • Vane
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    If you are looking for some perspective behind this change:

    in the big picture, the focus is now shifting from a small chance of receiving a good reward over a large set of attempts of watching ads, to a constant guaranteed good rewards but with longer cooldown time to watch ads.

    Such rewards as weapons and fragments can be added, however it leads to situations where a) there will always be 3-star weapons and components present in silver chests, b) there will always be a chance to get a weapon with sub-optimal traits, even a legendary one. Both of these cases are highly chance-dependent and can quite often will result in scrapping a piece of equipment, for example.

    To substitute that, a more universally-helpful rewards are given out now, such as phones (which were not in the ads at all before), gold and gas - to make sure that ads always give you a reward that can be helpful to you, without taking a lot of your time spent watching them. This helps to eliminate a case of "grinding" ads, or, in other words, watching a lot of them receiving small and insignificant rewards, but having a very small chance of sometimes getting something good of it. The number of resources in rewards is also adjusted to be higher than previously.
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    @Vane , 8 hours is a long time, come back as it was before, or reduce to 2 hours, the gas is really precious in these videos.

    Or it reduces the amount of gas in the challenge missions, 6 gas per mission is absurd, 5 would be fairer.
  • fearofthedark
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    I have received from the 4 ads sometimes 10-12 gas. So those gas what we could get from 32 ads can be pretty high. Of course if we can now get for example 20 gas in 1 ad, it wouldn't be so bad.
  • WellyLuga
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    It's definitely a nerf, but based on the results I had from the main and the baby account I'm okay with it. I must admit it was rare I could be bothered so it will affect me less than it will others. I'm more likely to watch one ad every 8 hours in the current form than I was previously.

  • Deadheads
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    I'm a little on the fence regarding this. Love the 1 ad per 8 hour thing (hated feeling that I had to get on every hour just for ads) but as others have said, I've gotten some great stuff through ads before. @Vane can't you simply add a small % chance for epic and legendary components/gear? To me, that'd fix everything.
  • Stalker20
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    I was never a big ad watcher so this is better for me, I agree that frags and components should be restored as rewards but I'm happy with the new format.
  • Mario_Romero
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    Definitely a nerf. Could definitely collect more fuel with the hourly ads!

    I could possibly have been ok with this @Vane if you guys had managed to get the dynamic RP's working and thus reducing the grind and the fuel needed to get to high levels.

    That ad fuel me and my guildmates earned often contributed to getting 10 extra radios so you have to deduct them from the ones you might get now.
    this can also make a big difference to the guild stars, now that 30k is the new goal to aim at.

    To even out you would have to get 30 or more fuel from the 8 hour ad but of course NG barely comes up with half.

    I guess you better bring back the 30 fuel with every trade goods shop restock untill you fix those dynamic round passes!
  • Jankel
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    The end justifies the means ;)
  • Firekid
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    Well that was worth waiting 8 hours for! Wouldn’t even cover the cost of 2 of the new story missions.
  • Firekid
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    I’d say 1 every 4 hours would hit the mark nicely. Wake up advert lunchtime at work advert home time advert, bedtime advert repeat.
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    Before, in 8 hours we could open 32 boxes with free prizes, where Gold came, very gas, fragments, equipment and XP.

    This was all exchanged for 1 single video every 8 hours... Horrible!!!

    There are 96 daily videos exchanged for only 3. I see no advantage in that.
  • Billdinger
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    This is complete and utter garbage. I did get 15 gas, but how often will that same reward be a 3 star Hunter Vest with Training Gear, Sniper Harness, and Bulletproof.....And, most people will get the chance to open this crate at a max 3 times a day. Another cash grab by NG...This part really sucks.
  • andy75
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    I got 90% crap from the cinema. I’ll take the improvement. But I don’t really on the loads of free gas that it supposedly gave out either.
  • andy75
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    It was so bad I rarely watched them anymore. Now I probably will
  • Firekid
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    @Billdinger to give them their due you won’t ever get crap gear. You can only get gas, gold or phones. But 10 gas just before bed when you are in 0 will be a kick in the teeth.
  • Nommae
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    So typically in each batch of four ads you would get 2-6 fuel certainly 4 or so on average, some gold, not much 1-7 and a few bits and pieces that were usually junk. So every 8 hours that was 30 or so fuel, 30 or so gold and some xp. I just got 10 fuel for one, so on fuel alone it will put me down over 50 fuel a day. And considering that works out to at least 10 and probably 15 or so extra missions meaning you also lose out on those rewards it is a very large loss of resources.

    I welcome the transition away from ads. It is absolutely a good thing and it is great to see the game is doing well enough that it is an option for the game but when the downside is that I can't play the game nearly as much that's a pity.
  • Firekid
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    @andy75 my guess is you aren’t a FTP player who relies on those ads to get some of the stuff that you may well take for granted as you’ll just buy what you need? Basically you’ll now watch them as you may get phones and you aren’t even too fussed about the gas or gold? Would you have watched the old version if there was a chance of phones? I’m not attacking you or other PTP players in anyway with this btw.
  • jrodrf2
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    I like the change and yes, I am a (essentially) FTP guy. I have bought 3 cheap bundles in my 2 years and never have purchased a gas booster. With the old ads, I pretty much got a small amount of xp/supplies or gray/brown equipment. Sure, I'd get a couple gas cans here and there but never a very significant amount. Maybe enough to get one extra mission. I'd much rather have less frequent videos with better rewards (all cinema crates are now silver or gold, no bronze). On a side note, you can also now get some nice gold from the ads and that can be used to refill your tank. Bring on those radios and gold!
  • andy75
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    @Firekid no I’m not f2p. But I have watched a lot of vids and never gotten more than 4 gas per set of 4. I’ve seen a lot of people get a lot of good stuff from cinema though. I just feel the 30 gas a day claims are a bit of an exaggeration.
  • Firekid
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    I used to get 6-10 gas quite often in my adverts and certainly would get more than 10 in 8 hours which is what I just received. I suppose 20-30 in 8 hours would probably be closer to the truth and I’m almost certain you’d get more than 30 gas if you watched every set of videos in the 16 hours. I’m not asking for much of a change just 1 every 4 hours rather than 8.