Sugestions in relation to the gas

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We need some solution to the problem that this change in movie videos caused in relation to the gas.

@Vane , @Fluxxx - Sugestions:

1- Reduce the cost of gas missions, the cost of 6 gas per 1 mission is absurd. Maybe four gas is fairer;

2- Keep item exchanges for tomatoes in the TG shop, not only in tomato events, so we can swap tomatoes for gas;

3- Increase the number of walkers around the wall and make available gas instead of XP on them;

4- Reduce gas recharge time, 10 minutes is long time;

5- Put gas available for exchange in all the refills of the TG store, so we would have 90 gas per day, because only 30 gas per day is not enough;

6- Or, simply make more videos available in the movies so we can watch. Only 1 video Every 7 hours is not good, maybe 3 videos every 7 hours;