My kingdom spear isn’t working as intended

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Is this happening to anyone else? Using the Kingdom spear with Stabby Rick, but when killing two walkers at a slant, the first one is not getting hit. This has happened multiple times now, but only this challenge. @Fluxxx, is there a bug with the spear?


  • psychwolf
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    It works for me. Are you sure you don't have the musket equipped by mistake? Other than that, it could be just the wrong attack angle.
  • Jankel
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    I'm sorry friend, it works well here
  • Pandreq
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    Working fine for me too. You definitely equipped the spear?
  • Governator
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    Forgot I had the Musket on my Stabby Rick and said "WTF?" when first walker in the row didn't die. Fortunately, that brain fart didn't cost me any damage. I shot the front walker with Rick and made a mental note to check my weapons before I enter a map. :worried:
  • Governator
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    Raven2318 said:

    God, I’m such a dumbass. You’re right, I equipped Rick with the musket to try it out after a few wines last night and forgot to remove it. I thought it was the spear because he usually has that. Thanks for helping out a dumbass, everyone, much appreciated!

    So, Rick said, "Here, hold my wine. Let me see that musket." :lol:
  • Raven2318
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    Not a total fail, at least I got an @Jenng meme for my stupidity! Apparently I can’t differentiate between long pointy things, and that’s why I should be on no one’s team for the zombie apocalypse :-)
  • Jenng
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    I’d be on your team @Raven2318 ........ I’m team wine and reckless abandon always :D 🍷

  • Reeconn
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    Just tried mine and it works fine
  • euchid
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    This thread shows how the spear is superior compared with the musket.