Weapon/Armor traits

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What are the best ones for each class?


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    That is not an easy one to answer...... for the lvl I play at my traits will vary greatly from those that push to RSL 35 +

    But a few traits repeat their usefulness
    For armor, I can make this work across all classes :
    Gold Stun, Gold Dodge ( Silver : Iron Skin, Health Boost )
    Gold : Stun
    Gold : * Iron Skin , Dodge , Health Boost *
    Silver : * Iron Skin , Dodge , Health Boost *

    ***** Traits I like *****
    Assault : Gold wide spread , concussion, and piercing

    Scout : Threat reduction, Swift strike and razor

    Warrior: charging, wide arc , and razor

    Bruiser: ( weapons with are stun... ie hockey stick and Morgan staff )
    Concussion and razor

    Hunter : flame or not to flame it just depends
    Large caliber, piercing and destructive

    Shooter : winter bow or flare gun

    It will all depend on your play style

    But things to stay away from
    Training gear ( unless you need the xp )
    Sniper harness ( could be useful in outpost)
    Wrestler ?? ( never used it even when it worked ... )

    Sure I missed a few things

  • Deadheads
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    Number 1 trait for melee armor IMO is gold hazard. I'm close to the point where I wont upgrade anything without it.