Did cinema ads change?

I am noticing today that the cinema ads are running every 8 hours when they'd previously been running every 7 this was perfect because it used to make it so I could pop in after the 7th hour and buy out the trade goods shop and watch videos at the same time. I don't have much time during the day to play, so having both refresh at 7 hours was awesome. Has the cinema time been extended to 8 hours on purpose? or is it a glitch?


  • Krieg
    Krieg Member Posts: 259
    Mine are still 7.

    I demand immediate compensation to my account for your loss!!!


  • jrodrf2
    jrodrf2 Member Posts: 333
    Actually, disregard. I think this may have been a timing issue on my end. My sincere apologies for the trouble. This thread can be closed.
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