Big expectations from next update

I think when i say this i share opinion from many players... This game need BIG changes.
Introducing reinforcment and re-roll tokens are really nice and needed feature, but thing is, all this rerolls are pretty much pointless, except satisfaction to remove old non-useful traits.
Let me explain, yes, we definitely improve survivors/heroes, but they are still not nowhere near good as top heroes(scouts Daryl, Rick, bruisers Glenn, Morgan etc).
Every challenge we play, on the end all reach the point where only way to pass maps is using Daryl prowl, or Rick with 2 bruisers, or Glenn in lead and hope for pre-charge... I am sick and bored of it.

The fact that scouts and bruisers are so superior compared to other classes is ridiculous and ruining the game. And if no balance happen with next council update it will create even bigger gap.

I am not saying you can balance ranged and melee so easy, but i would at least like to see you trying.

Having all classes and heroes leader traits useful on its own way, so we can swap teams depending on maps or weekly class boost is the way game should be played, not like this,not with 4-5 same guys every week.
How many times you give 50% damage or pre-charged class and still, it's not enough to actually use that class on highest levels.

I hope you see my point here.This is not some rage post where i say i will quit game because of this or something like that.. just a message from really bored guy


  • WellyLuga
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    Absolutely agree. I've actually taken a prolonged break from pushing to the ultra high levels as I'm sick to death of using the same teams every week.

    A large chunk of my rerolls have gone into forgotten heroes like Gabriel, Hunter Daryl, Carol, Abraham and some of my OG non hero survivors and it's great fun to use them. But if I want to be competitive then they all remain on the bench. It's so rare to have a challenge where I might have 3-4 different teams to use across the 6 maps. Instead of using a mixture of scouts/bruisers. Razor Rick and Daryl have broken the game :lol:
  • Troublemaker
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  • xbamfx
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    I agree and I hope the answer from NG isn’t a nerf to already excellent heroes but rather increase damage on other classes or give ranged some sort of razor buff to bring them back into the fold. It’s a win/win situation as more heroes would get used thus leading people to re roll them and improve them with phones. Nice post.
  • bladgier
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    I'm actually bummed about no council 😅😆😆😆😆
  • xbamfx
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    @bladgier why? I need more time to save tokens LoL
  • rogueDS
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    This will be a big update. I hope they do it right. If not I see many people leaving the game me myself being one of them. I might still play but no way buying gas or logging in every six hours for free videos and trade good reloads. O wanted council ugrade to but hey i would rather see some game fixes than just adding council and a hero maybe.
    ATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,693 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Maybe we'll finally see the master stage? Or something like it?

    More likely tho "reducing the grind" is referring to dynamic round passes.

    I'm not specifically disappointed there's no council update, but it does feel a bit... Odd? Like it's the right time for one... But there isn't one. Just odd. Not upset, just confused lol.

    Trying to temper my enthusiasm, but hopefully new content etc soon...

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  • Narnia
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    So in the past 8 months, your valued players get to see a new update that highlights one thing so far, which was completely encompassed in one title today.
  • NerfZone187
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    I hope the new update includes the Maggie Rhee blowup doll I won for busting Glenn upside his stupid helmet