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I was late to the party when it came to DragonBall Z (got big in the UK around 2003, I jumped on about a year later or so) and decided to binge watch the series recently. Upon reflection I notice a few things:

1.Goku, whether win or lose, can not lose, he is the Deus Ex Machina of the show.
2. Vegeta's biggest pro and con is his unrelenting desire to overcome Goku's strength. It is a clear obsession, one of which sets him apart as a character for better or worse.
3. Krillin, Yamcha, Tien etc, these ancillary characters remind me so much of Team Yugi, great friends but provide nothing but moral support most of the time.
4. Chi Chi is not a good character, she is feared by her family and serves as a foil to the protagonists mostly. She values Gohan's education and instilling an iron fisted rule over the fate of planet Earth. She overcomes her dictatorial leadership when Goku dies, but it takes her to lose the love of her life to slow her bs down?
5. The Z fighters have no idea what a useful wish is. You have 365 days to sesrch for all powerful relics ans you want to waste it on reviving android 17? Please...
6. Scream Porn.
7. Too much filler, not enough dynamic. The stories were good for their time but when you are showing us the Saiyaman Saga, you're clearly stalling. Gohan had no need hiding his identity, he is a force of nature.
8. Goku sparing Frieza... Bro, the guy was a maniacal killer, but you wanted him to live on whilst all your loved ones fell to his hand? You're better than me.
9. Hercule Satan, the comedic foil during the Cell Saga onwards, this was a complex character upon viewing a second time round. Initially annoying, I came to see him as a highly insecure father strongly dependent on what others viewed him as. He wove a number of lies and omitted much to maintain the false image of himself. Quite a timeless character theme.
10. Repetition and reuse of frames... legendary!

I wonder what others think.
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