Guild Wars Suggestion

While we waiting for update, balance between classes and reduced challenge grind, i have to mention 'dead modes' in this game. And everything except challenge is literally dead...

Story is over, outpost is abandoned long time ago, hard distance is now easy and also without progress for long time, and people only play it because of important rewards.
You tried something with Guild Wars, it did not work well, and it's obviously hard or impossible to make it fair and stable in the way they were introduced at first.

I see solution in mixing distance and outpost to make ideal guild wars format.

Let's say you keep 10vs10 battle. But they are shorter, 30 min tops.
When you enter battle you face ONLY human enemies, their defences(which are selected and strategicaly placed by a player, like in outpost)
Each player play against all 10 opponent's defences, and score points by beating them BUT team roster u use, are expendable, like in the distance, all injuries and kills you received, those survivors are dead you can't use them anymore in battle and you can't heal/revive them with gold.

Good defense, also win points for each kill, so winner on the end is not only the one who kill all enemies but also who had less casualties.
This mode will be easy to set up i think, half hour is ok, each player is doing his own play, playing vs 10 people, so servers should work better too.No android vs IOS problems also.
Gold won't be spend for healing but still money can be earned on other ways.

Making this mode fair, playable and enjoyable should be top priority. This is strategy game and should be played like that, no rushing fast through maps to finish on time.
Chance to face real opponent and beat them, or see that they have hard time beating you will be satisfying...
I would like to hear other opinions about this though. From anyone who were intrigued to read all :) (i am sorry it ended up being so long post)


  • Captoon
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    edited August 2019
    Outpost isn't abandoned, plenty of people still play it. Outdated maybe but not abandoned.
  • Karajoca
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    Oh, i guess i needed to scroll on the right to find them :p @Captoon

    I know outposts are still there. When i say abandoned i mean working on them is abandoned. Currently i only enjoy in putting punish/retaliate bruisers blocking trade goods, with 6 zombies lvl1 in front of gate.
  • Troublemaker
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    Challenge is boring. It's only Daryl + Rick + RGG, gold burning at the hospital and eternal grinding. Nothing else. Game desperately needs at least four new sets of maps and class/hero balancing.

    Outpost has been abandoned for years. That's sad 'cause it's an interesting game mode that engages lots of players. And has lots of potential for fun.

    Story mode is done. Fine with that. It's important for newcomers and turns into a burden for endgamers.

    The Distance is fine too. Although lots of improvements could be made.

    Scavenge for XP and Tomatoes is fine. It sucks for gear (increasing radio, gold, components etc drop rate here and it's instantly fixed).
  • reekookr
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    WHy does the gear scavenge even exist? You get same or more chances of finding gear from challenge. And gear scavenge mostly gives xp, which makes you wonder, why there is xp scavenge..